"Remain in the EU"

Brexit Service for UK businesses and German Limited

Business address in Hamburg 

If you intend to continue to benefit from the advantages of the European single market, set up your business in Germany and “come” to the fast-emerging city of Hamburg. The UK has been the top 4 sales partner of Hamburg over the last decades.

Right from the start

with AOM services

German Limited from January 2021

  • After the Brexit, German Limited might not be recognized and will be then treatet as not-existing. More importantly, the owner would become liable. The alternative could be a GmbH or a UG (Mini-GmbH) which must be head-quartered in Germany.

    Nach dem Brexit wird die Limited gesetzlich nicht mehr anerkannt und wie eine OHG / GbR behandelt werden.

    Bitte beachten Sie, dass die juristische Person der Limited dann nicht mehr existent ist, und die natürliche Personen der in die geänderten OHG oder GbR, die Gesellschafter, haftbar gemacht werden können.

  • Hamburg is widely considered the nation’s most Anglophile metropolis with a long historical relationship in the background.
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  • Virtual Office in Hamburg: Registered office address and post service (from EUR 130.00)

  • E-Mail / Diary Management

  • Travel Arrangements and itineraries

  • PowerPoint presentation / document creating

  • CRM / data base administration

  • Permits, business registration, notary meetings

  • Bank account, insurances

  • Media agencies, networking (business promotion agencies) etc.

  • Translations German-English/English-German